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Page Title

Page Title : Blockchain Training Certification Classes with 8 weeks course.

Your page title exceeds 60 characters. It's not good.

Knowledge Base
Title is the heading of the webpage. The sentence or string enclosed between html title tag () is the title of your website. Search engines searches for the title of your website and displays title along with your website address on search result. Title is the most important element for both SEO and social sharing. Title should be less than 50 to 60 characters because search engine typically displays this length of string or sentence on search result. A good title can consist the primary keyword, secondary keyword and brand name. For example a fictitious gaming information providing sites title may be like "the future of gaming information is here". A webpage title should contain a proper glimpse of the website. title is important element as an identification of your website for user experience, SEO and social sharing. So have a nice and catching title.
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Meta Description

Meta Description : Get your Blockchain Certification Training Classes hands-on training certification classes, with just 5 students per class in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio or Austin.

Your meta description exceeds 150 characters. It's not good.

Knowledge Base
Description is the full interpretation of your website content and features. Most often it is a short paragraph that describe what are features and information provided by the website to its visitors. You may consider it a advertising of your website. Although not important for search engine ranking but very important for hits or visits through search engine results. Description should be less than 150 character because search engine shows this length of paragraph on search result. And every page of website should contain an unique description to avoid description duplication. Description is the definition of your website for user experience so form it as complete but short and precise illustration of your website.

Meta Keyword

Meta Keyword :

Your site do not have any meta keyword.

Knowledge Base
Meta keywords are keywords inside Meta tags. Meta keywords are not likely to be used for search engine ranking. the words of title and description can be used as meta keywords. it is a good idea for SEO other than search engine ranking.

Single Keywords

Keyword Occurrence Density Possible Spam
Blockchain 43 5.156 % No
TX 10 1.199 % No
Bitcoin 9 1.079 % No
Unit 9 1.079 % No
Suite 8 0.959 % No
Certification 7 0.839 % No
Call 6 0.719 % Yes
CALL 6 0.719 % Yes
Innovation 6 0.719 % No
technology 5 0.6 % No
Antonio 5 0.6 % No
San 5 0.6 % No
5 0.6 % No
Data 5 0.6 % No
certification 4 0.48 % No
Policy 4 0.48 % No
blockchain 4 0.48 % No
Drive 4 0.48 % No
Woodcock 4 0.48 % No
Adoption 4 0.48 % No

Two Word Keywords

Keyword Occurrence Density Possible Spam
San Antonio 5 0.6 % No
of the 5 0.6 % No
– CALL 5 0.6 % No
Suite 209 4 0.48 % No
Drive Suite 4 0.48 % No
Woodcock Drive 4 0.48 % No
4203 Woodcock 4 0.48 % No
Antonio TX 4 0.48 % No
209 San 4 0.48 % No
TX 78228 4 0.48 % No
W Airport 3 0.36 % No
knowledge of 3 0.36 % No
the Blockchain 3 0.36 % No
in the 3 0.36 % No
Suite 300 3 0.36 % No
Innovation and 3 0.36 % No
TX 75240 3 0.36 % No
in Blockchain 3 0.36 % No
Data Structures 3 0.36 % No
Blockchain and 3 0.36 % No

Three Word Keywords

Keyword Occurrence Density Possible Spam
Suite 209 San 4 0.48 % No
209 San Antonio 4 0.48 % No
Drive Suite 209 4 0.48 % No
Woodcock Drive Suite 4 0.48 % No
4203 Woodcock Drive 4 0.48 % No
San Antonio TX 4 0.48 % No
Antonio TX 78228 4 0.48 % No
300 Sugarland TX 2 0.24 % No
Suite 300 Sugarland 2 0.24 % No
Airport Suite 300 2 0.24 % No
W Airport Suite 2 0.24 % No
Sugarland TX 77478 2 0.24 % No
CALL 8322401786 4203 2 0.24 % No
and Public Policy 2 0.24 % No
12808 W Airport 2 0.24 % No
8322401786 4203 Woodcock 2 0.24 % No
Recruitment branch Email 2 0.24 % No
Education Recruitment branch 2 0.24 % No
Contact relevant Texas 2 0.24 % No
information Contact relevant 2 0.24 % No

Four Word Keywords

Keyword Occurrence Density Possible Spam
Suite 209 San Antonio 4 0.48 % No
Drive Suite 209 San 4 0.48 % No
Woodcock Drive Suite 209 4 0.48 % No
4203 Woodcock Drive Suite 4 0.48 % No
209 San Antonio TX 4 0.48 % No
San Antonio TX 78228 4 0.48 % No
Suite 300 Sugarland TX 2 0.24 % No
Airport Suite 300 Sugarland 2 0.24 % No
W Airport Suite 300 2 0.24 % No
300 Sugarland TX 77478 2 0.24 % No
CALL 8322401786 4203 Woodcock 2 0.24 % No
Blockchain and Public Policy 2 0.24 % No
8322401786 4203 Woodcock Drive 2 0.24 % No
Education Recruitment branch Email 2 0.24 % No
Continuing Education Recruitment branch 2 0.24 % No
Contact relevant Texas School 2 0.24 % No
information Contact relevant Texas 2 0.24 % No
more information Contact relevant 2 0.24 % No
relevant Texas School of 2 0.24 % No
Texas School of Continuing 2 0.24 % No

Keyword Usage

The most using keywords do not match with meta keywords.

Knowledge Base
Keyword usage is the using of your keywords inside Meta tags and contents of your website. Use keywords that describes your site properly for precise search engine result of your website.

Total Words

Total Words : 834

Knowledge Base
Unique words are uncommon words that reflects your site features and informations. Search engine metrics are not intended to use unique words as ranking factor but it is still useful to get a proper picture of your site contents. Using positive unique words like complete, perfect, shiny, is a good idea user experience.

Stop words are common words like all the preposition, some generic words like download, click me, offer, win etc. since most used keyword may be a slight factor for visitors you are encouraged to use more unique words and less stop words.

Text/HTML Ratio Test

Site passed text/HTML ratio test.

Text/HTML Ratio Test : 25%

Knowledge Base
The ideal page's ratio of text to HTML code must be lie between 20 to 60%. Because if it is come less than 20% it means you need to write more text in your web page while in case of more than 60% your page might be considered as spam.

HTML Headings


  • Blockchain






Knowledge Base
h1 status is the existence of any content inside h1 tag. Although not important like Meta titles and descriptions for search engine ranking but still a good way to describe your contents in search engine result.

h2 status less important but should be used for proper understanding of your website for visitor.


Your site have robot.txt Accrediated Continuing Education Career- Vocational - Technical and Trade Schools Near Me - Houston, Dallas and San Antonio | -

Financial Assistance for Need Based, Unemployed, Disabled Residents and Eligible Veterans. Schedule FREE Counselling to evaluate your criteria today! Complete training academy helping you get economically stable income through job or entrepreneurship

Schedule Career Counseling
Upcoming Courses
Other Continuing Education Programs

To get you on entering the workforce. We not only train but also assist you in courtesy for recruitment. We don't use fake verbatims like Job Guarantee being honest because that's not at all possible but having quite diverse recruitment alliance we assist our students to fine-tune their resume, prepare in last classes for mock interviews and then forward their portfolios to recruiters alliances. We highly urge our students to be rigorous and dedicated in applying for positions as high-end practical training still needs tiresome efforts to put your feet in the door, but eases up your chances. Good luck!

Convenient Training Schedule

No need to leave your job. You can study being part time evening, morning or week end student at convenience of your schedule and dedicate group batch...

From Anywhere you Want

To facilitate you we also offer virtual training and Joint meeting bringing in live training via Expert Coach.

Mock Trainings

We also provide you with Practice Server and License Software to help you get trained with hands on tools. Nobody else does

After training Support - Recruitment

Yes, this is what you find. No false promises! But we try our level best to polish your resume, get you in right front of employer based on your skill...

Final Year Internship & Project

If you are an IT Graduate or Final Year student you know how tough it is to get into your first job. We here with help of professionals help you compl...

50% Off If You Don't Qualify

If you don't quality in final testing. You are eligible for FREE enrollment in next class of same subject or waived 50% to enter any other course of y...

Get Your Assignment Through

We highly leverage power of technology and makes your study and assignment highly convenient providing you online and cloud computing access in line w...

Certification & Testing

After completion of your course we assist you to intake Final Certification Exam providing preparation and mocks to get you successful qualifying at 8...

Meet all our convenience

Expert Trainers, Mentorship after Course, Recruitment & Job Readiness Assistance
Eligible Full or Partial Scholarships for Qualifying Students. International Students please email

Top Level Training School in Houston, San Antonio & Dallas

“One of the great needs in training these days is for one to one practical training in line with real industrial practices. With Texas School of Continuing Education & Recruitment the instructors you work with are Fortune 500 working consultants having renown experience from diverse industries. They have 1-5 model having no more than 5 students per class that gives you conducive environment to learn with hands on live training on servers whether its SAP, Quickbooks PRO, Cell Phone repair. They give so much pre and post mentorship to you that you really reach finishing line climbing success ladder.”

Request free counseling
- Call 832-240-1786 or Email -

Demand Driven Courses in Texas

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Comprehensive Mobile Repair Certification
Get hired working for cell phone store or Start your own business

8 weeks

  • Unlocking & Changing Carrier
  • Screen replacement
  • Soldering/Desoldering
  • Complete Basics to Advance Hands on Cell Phone Repair & Tablet Training
  • Accredited Certification leading to job and self Employement
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Bookkeeping & Quickbooks Accounting Certification
Get hired working for small businesses or corporates as book keeper or accountant in 2 months

8 weeks

  • 101 & 102 American Accountings Concept Building
  • Practical hands on training on Quickbooks PRO Advisor
  • Helping you work getting accounting job or running your own business
  • Chart of Accounts, Book of accounts, General Ledger, P&L
  • Hands on practical training - 5 students per class only
  • Register Now

Business Analyst & Quality Assurance Training
Enter Managing Business With Technology Starts $50K-72K/annum

8 weeks

  • Business Analysis and Quality Assurance included
  • SDLC Cycle and Agile Project Management
  • Ms Project and Ms Visio included
  • HP QC and HP ALM included
  • Report Writing & Completing two practical industrial BA projects
  • Register Now

Diploma in Digital Marketing
Get in a booming career

8 weeks

  • Be an E-commerce specialist in this booming Digital Age
  • Get a fast track career job or work on your own technology startup from home
  • Getting you trained through hands on practical search engine optimization, social media management
  • In person classes with just 5 students per class
  • Practical project live training preparing your an expert
  • Register Now

What they say about us

TSCER is a certified continuing education career and trade schools near me. We provide technical and vocational courses. Leading IT school that leads to high demand training courses in IT, Accounting, Bookkeeping, Quickbooks, Technology, Mobile Repair leading to Job Placement. We have branches in Houston, San Antonio, Dallas and soon Austin providing in-person classes to a group of small students provided by fortune 500 consultants and have grants for low income and unemployed students.

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Our Locations
Fast Track continuing education courses for adult continuing education from one of the best trade schools in Houston and San Antonio

TSCER guarantees highly skilled coaches to help you excel in your field. From Digital marketing to SAP and language classes, we have continuing education classes for every kind of adult continuing education.

Emerging need of continuing education courses

Every industry is evolving and there’s always something to learn. Those who evolve with the industry survive. It’s not just survival of the fittest; it’s survival of the fastest. While evolution is important, a fast evolution to keep up with the pace of changing times is even more crucial.

Advancing in career is extremely challenging in today’s competitive world. You need to be abreast of the latest updates and skills to stay ahead of the curve. Continuing education courses ensure that you are not left behind in your field of expertise.

At TSCER, we are dedicated to make advanced courses available so that individuals who hold the potential to rise high in their career get a chance to realize their full potential. We are one of the most preferred Houston training schools offering a variety of courses in various industries.

Highlights of TSCER continuing education classes

At TSCER, we realize how busy your life is and how important is continuing education for you. Here are some of the highlights of our training solutions:
  • Flexible timing: To help you find time from your busy schedule, we offer convenient training schedules for morning, evening and weekends.
  • Mobile Learning: Virtual training from anywhere you want facilitates learning at your convenience.
  • Practice Training: Theory will take you too far, so, we believe in facilitating Practice Server and License Software to let you practice on tools.
  • Recruitment: We don’t just train, we help you find a job.